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An Post launch unique initiative to revolutionise direct mail

Turn your neighbours into customers for less than the price of a stamp


An Post today launched a unique initiative that is certain to change the face of direct mail in Ireland. Unlike any other direct mail product, Admailer is a self-designed, high quality postcard, individually addressed and posted to a select list of up to 10,000 at an amazingly low cost of 54c each, less than the price of a stamp!                                        

At a time when over 2,000 Irish entrepreneurs are starting up a new business each month, is sure to make life easier for all small businesses that are aiming to directly contact potential and existing customers.

This product has been eighteen months in development and early testing has garnered very positive results.  Rock Fitness in Dundrum tested last month and for their €600 investment they have returned eight times that figure in new memberships.  They credited Admailer’s ability to directly target apartment blocks in the immediate neighbourhood as of particular benefit to them.

Another Admailer success story comes from the FXB Butcher family, who tested a shopping centre environment with a strong offer to customers.  So far they have reported a response rate of five times the normal direct mail return, a brilliant result that equates to approximately 130 customers through their doors, and most of these customers were new.

Small Business and business start-ups benefit enormously from attending this event,” said Amie Peters, Head of Direct Mail at An Post. “Given the important role these businesses play in sustaining and growing Ireland’s future economy, An Post is focussed on advancing this growth in an innovative and exciting way. Admailer is especially tailored to deliver more customers directly to these businesses.”

An Post will roll out over the coming week, and have organised a selection of special events around Ireland from October 29th to November 30th, where small businesses can try out the product for themselves.  Visit to find out more.


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