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To get the best out of your marketing campaigns, find out how Irish consumers and marketers interact with direct mail and other media channels in our ongoing research studies, helping you stay on top of an ever-changing media landscape.

Latest Research Report

It's further than you think

The gap between consumer attitudes in Ireland and the UK

With so many superficial similarities between Irish and British consumers, it’s easy for marketers to ignore the subtle differences that define both markets. But, as the latest research shows, they do so at their peril. Discover more about the differences between Irish and British consumers.


Loyalty & Irish Consumers - An Post Mail Media Unit

An Post's Mail Media Unit look at loyalty and what makes it work for consumers. How do people like to be contacted and some of the risks involved when planning a loyalty programme.

More insights and research:

What Irish consumers have to say

As part of our ongoing consumer research we look at how they feel about the main media channels and how media influences their attitudes towards brands and buying behaviors. 

Read the full report here.

What Irish marketers have to say

As part of our ongoing business research we look at media trends and major shifts in marketing behaviors and how Irish businesses are planning for challenging economic times

Read the full report here.

Irish Direct Mail trends

In this section we cover the who, what,  where, when and how of Direct Mail in Ireland by business sector.

Read the full report here.

Special Sector Reports

For a closer look at how specific segments of the Irish market are using Direct Mail to grow their business. It is also the place to find out more about using Direct Mail and Digital together to maximise results.
Read the full report here.

Leaflet Marketing Research

Do consumers really interact with the door drop marketing they receive? Does it make an impact and more significantly encourage purchase?  In this section we look at consumer perceptions and effectiveness of leaflet marketing, and how door drops stack up against other traditional media.
Read the full report here.

International Direct Mail Research

Stay up-to-date with the best in Direct Mail and Media research from around the globe. We pick out the best international research for you and put all together it in one location, making it easy to see what our international colleagues are up to.
Find what you're looking for here.

Research Commentaries

To help you get the most out of our research we provide additional commentary to ground all the statistics and findings, into the reality of doing business in today's complex marketing landscape.

Read the full report here.

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