Get the most from your mail

Top tips for sending mail

You've put a lot of thought and care into what you are sending follow these tips to help get your item delivered on time.

  1. Choose the right service for you.

    Our core postal services are designed to meet your needs whether that be cost, speed or reliability. You should always check whether your item can be sent by post. Some items for example jewellery should only be sent using Registered Post, but cannot be sent in a parcel.

  2. Check the address you are sending your item to.

    It may seem simple but it often happens that we are unable to deliver a mail piece because not all the address was on the envelope. The person you are sending your item to may have moved address, or perhaps the Redirection they had on the mail has expired.

  3. Always use a return address.

    You should always include a return address on everything you post, that way if we are not able to deliver your item we can return it to you as quickly as possible. Many international destinations will not accept mail that does not have a return address. You should put your return address in the top left hand corner of your item. Please put it on the same side as the delivery address.

  4. The right stamp.

    Not having the right amount on what you are sending can delay your item as it will be returned to you. Weight, size, service and destination all play a part in calculating the right postage.

  5. Make sure your address is clearly written.

    A typed address is always best, particularly when you use a font similar to Arial. Hand writing will give that personal touch, but remember to write each letter clearly and seperately.

  6. Sealed envelope.

    Always seal your envelope. Sealing your envelope will help ensure your item is delivered intact and on time.

  7. Correct labelling

    As well as an Airmail label if you are sending something abroad you will need to check that you have your customs labels completed properly. Customs labels are required even when posting something within the EU.

  8. Packaging

    Have you chosen the right packaging, is your envelope strong enough? To minimise any chance of damage make sure fragile items don't touch each other or the side of your packaging. Use plenty of bubble wrap, polystyrene chips or crushed paper to protect your items. Mark your item as fragile or attach a fragile sticker to the your package.

  9. Do not send

    Never send liquids outside of the Republic of Ireland using any of our services. We cannot accept liquids due to IATA regulations. Other restrictions for both national and international services include explosives, corrosives and irritants. Many international destinations have additional restrictions on items the will accept by post. If you have any concerns please contact or call 017057600. 

  10. Get the most from your franking machine

    When packing your mail for collection ensure all addresses are facing the same direction. Sort the envelopes into equal piles and secure them with elastic bands. Keep stamped, RegistedPost and ExpressPost separate and as always post as early as possible! For detailed information on this download our poster and place it in the vicinity of your franking machine.

Finally, always keep your receipt until you know your item has successfully been delivered.



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