Discount For Volume Mailers

- for customers mailing over 200 items in a single posting

Are you running a business? Do you have a lot of mail to post in one go?

If you are either a Ceadúnas customer or have a meter franking machine take advantage of our discounts available to customers mailing over 200 items in a single posting.

How does it work?

To begin availing of discounts on your large mailings first of all contact your account manager, on 01 705 7600. Your account manager will arrange for testing of your mail and will work with you to find the discount that best meets your needs. If your chosen discount is for 2,000 or more items you will need to sign the (new window) Bulk Discount Customer Arrangement.

You have two methods of payment available to you when availing of discounts.

Meter Mail, minimum volume 200 items - download brochure. 
Simply frank your 200+ items.

Ceadúnas Mail, minimum volume 2,000 items download brochure, Bulk Discount Customer Arrangement 
A Cheque, Cash, or Postal Deposit Account Docket must accompany all Ceadúnas mailings. If you are paying by cash, cheque or EFT you will need to complete a Cash Bulk Mailing Summary sheet

Bring your franked or ceadúnas mail to your designated mail acceptance office or mail centre (this will be pre-agreed with your account manager).

Discount varies according to type of item (letter, large envelope, packet) and type of processing (manual, automated). For guidelines to automated sorting please see the speed up your post guidelines.

If you regularly post over 2,000 items in one go, you are a large mailer and can avail of a wider range of discounts.

Step by step

Are you posting 200-2,000 items or 2,000+ items (large mailer)?

  • If posting between 200 and 2,000 items, you can only avail of a deferred delivery option (delivery two days after posting) and you must present your mail at one of the designated mail acceptance offices or mail centres before noon. Your discount will depend on:
    • Type of item. The rate varies according to size of letters, large envelopes, and packets
    • Type of processing. Are the envelopes of standard size (e.g. DL, C5 or C4) with clearly legible addresses? If so, they can be processed by automated sortation, for guidelines to automated sorting please see the speed up your post guidelines. Items which cannot pass through the automated sortation equipment are processed by manual sortation, and the discount is less.
    Large mailers
  • As a large mailer your options are wider. You can choose between:
    • deferred delivery (either 1 day or 2 day deferred) 
    • next day delivery
    You can choose the time to present your mail:
    • pre-noon
    • pre 15.00
    • pre 17.30
    The earlier you present your mail, the greater the discount.
  • Different levels of discount are available to large mailers based on the percentage of mail that can be sorted automatically.
  • Discounts are also available for Pre-Sorted mail. We have designed a handy Pre-sort tool,  Sort It online, to help you sort your mail.

An Post need to test your mail to establish the discounts you can avail of

How much?

Prices for these services depend on the quanity of mail being sent. The full range of discounts are available in our Bulk Mail brochures: 
Bulk Discounts For Mailers 200+ and Bulk Discounts For Mailers 2,000+ 

You can also contact the Business Desk on 01 705 7600 to arrange a meeting with your Account Manager.

What next?

When you are availing of the discount through the meter mail option you frank the full rate of postage with the date of processing (for deferred processing the date on the frank should be the working day after the day of presentation). You present your mailing along with a meter discount docket (detailing the volume and discount availed of) to a designated mail acceptance office or Mail Centre. The value of your discounts will be refunded retrospectively at the end of each quarter (i.e. end of March, June, September and December).

If you avail of the ceadunas option, the amount you pay at the time of posting is net of the discount.

For further information contact the An Post Business Support Desk on 01 705 7600.


Separate discounts are open to volume mailers of direct mail (PostAim) and publishers of magazines and periodicals (Publication Services). These separate service offerings cannot be availed of in conjunction with the discounts outlined here.

Designated Mail acceptance offices and mail centres

There are 39 mail acceptance offices and 4 mail centres nationwide.

There are mail acceptance offices in the following cities. They generally adjoin the city or town's main post office:

Ballina, Bray, Carlow, Carrick-on-Shannon, Castlebar, Cavan, Clonmel, Cork City, Drogheda, Dublin 2 Delivery Services Unit (Ravensdale), Dundalk, Dungarvan, Ennis, Galway, Glenageary, Kilkenny, Killarney, Letterkenny, Lifford, Limerick, Longford, Mallow, Maynooth, Monaghan, Mullingar, Naas, Navan, Nenagh, Newbridge (Droichead Nua), Roscommon, Shannon, Sligo, Swords, Thurles, Tralee, Tuam, Tullamore, Waterford and Wexford

Mail Centres:

  • Dublin - Oak Road, Knockmitten, Dublin 12
  • Cork - Little Island, Cork
  • Athlone - Dublin Road, Athlone
  • Portlaoise - Father Browne Ave, Portlaoise

Automated Sortation

To be processed by the automated equipment, mail must conform to the following dimensions:

  Minimum Maximum
Length 140mm 230mm
Width 90mm 162mm
Depth 0.18mm 5mm
Large Envelope
  Minimum Maximum
Length 250mm 350mm
Width 160mm 250mm
Depth 0.75mm 18mm

Mail must be machine readable. The automated equipment can only read the address if address is full, accurate and conforms to a specific font, with specific spacing. To learn more about these criteria, please read An Post's brochure 'Speed Up your Post' or click here to view the Speed up your post page online.

Manual sortation

Mail which cannot be sorted automatically, because of size or address styling, must be sorted manually and must conform to these dimensions:

  Minimum Maximum
Length 140mm 235mm
Width 90mm 162mm
Depth 0.18mm 5mm
Large Envelope
  Minimum Maximum
Length 140mm 400mm
Width 90mm 300mm
Depth 0.18mm 25mm
Length 100mm lenght+width+depth cannot exceed 900mm
Width 70mm no one dimension can exceed 600mm
Depth 25mm  


 Application forms & brochures

Bulk Discount for Mailers 200+

Bulk Discount for Mailers 2,000+

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